Thursday, June 1, 2023

Andhra Pradesh: Heatwave may prevail in 32 mandals, SDMA advises people to be cautious

By Express News Service

VIJAYAWADA: The Andhra Pradesh State Disaster Management Authority has warned of a heatwave in 27 mandals of on Monday, and the situation might further intensify with heat wave conditions likely to prevail in 32 mandals on Tuesday.

According to Dr BR Ambedkar, Director of SDMA, the 27 mandals likely to experience heat wave are seven in ASR district such as Addateegala (with temperatures touching 41.7°C), Nellipaka (43.1), Chintoor (44.7) Gangavaram (42.4), Koonavaram (44.8), Rajavommangi (41.2) and V Ramachandrapuram (43.5).

Nearly five mandals in Anakapalli District such as Gologonda (40.1), Kotavuratla (39), Makavarapalem (39.4), Narsipatnam (39.6) and  Nathavaram (40), two mandals in East Godavari district such as  Gokavaram (43.3) and Korukonda (42.2), one mandal in Eluru District, Kukunoor (43), six mandals in Kakinada such as  Gandepalli (41.6), Jaggampet (42.6), Kirlampudi (41.7), Kotanandur (39.3),Prattipadu (41) and Yeleswaram (42.5).

Around six mandals in Parvathipuram District such as Bhamini (41.8), Garugbilli (43.1), Jeyammavalasa (42.8),Komarada (41.4), Kurupam (42.1) and  Veeraghattam (43) are likely to experience the heat waves.

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