Saturday, June 3, 2023

Google brings augmented reality to shopping, here’s how it will help users – Times of India

Google is adding two new augmented reality (AR) features for shoppers, one helping them find the perfect shade of foundation and the other allowing them to try sneakers virtually. These changes appear to be part of reinvented Google search, aiming to become more visual while also staying natural to users.
Now shop for the perfect shade of foundation
This new feature promises to ease the search for the foundation, so if you are looking for a new foundation online, no worries, as Google will help you find the perfect shade of foundation. The search engine’s new feature uses a library of 148 pictures of models of diverse spectrums of colour, age, face shapes, ethnicities, and skin types. So users can visualize how the particular shade of foundation would look on them.
How exactly does it work? You search for a foundation shade on Google search. Upon search, you will see what the foundation looks like on the model having a similar skin tone as you, showing a before and after shot, helping you decide which one suits you the best. Once you find the perfect shade, you can select the retailer and purchase it.
Get a 360-degree AR view of sneakers
Users can now also get a 360-degree view of sneakers. One can see shoes in their area to decide if the colour, lace, tread, or sole fits their style, also spin and zoom. Currently, this feature works with sneakers from Saucony, VANS, Merrell, and soon other brands will also be added.
To see the 360-degree view of sneakers, users just need to search for the sneakers and click “View in my space.”
Google said in September that it is investing in technologies to create 3D shoe models, which could often be a time-consuming and expensive process for brands.

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